Monday, May 10, 2010

Are Summer Tutorials Good?

When students have learning disability, it is only natural that parents intervene through putting their kids under tutorial services. This is quite good especially if resources and time will allow it.

My kid has his own learning problems and I wish to get a tutor for him as soon as he can this second grade. I could have taught him myself considering I am a college teacher but elementary education is quite unique that only a specialized teacher can do the job best.

Normally, summer times are used for summer tutorials on academics, art skills or physical sports. The kids however make use of their time playing with one another, other kids, their gadgets, and beach swimming.
As soon as they are back to school, their recreational time shall be back to normal again, that is, no PSP games and TV off at 9pm.

I wish my kid will excel in school but I don’t want to deprive him of fun too. So, I guess balance will be the thing.

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