Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Countless Schools but Compromised Education

Instituting a school has become the favorite of those who have resources. In General Santos City alone, there are eight (8) known colleges, two (2) universities, and too many vocational schools offering short courses. I find this good because students have many options to choose from and schools only have to deliver low tuition.

However, when we consider employment statistics to be an indicator of quality education, my city and the rest of the national places fall short. Graduates alone have poor communication skills that they cannot qualify even for low – skill job like call centers.

Thus, parents and government agencies must collectively and strictly be vigilant of schools that don’t meet quality standards. Periodic reviews are necessary to ensure that conformance to quality is sustainably attained.

Reviews like colon cleansing reviews are form of control to make the general public aware of services and products are worthwhile, safe and effective otherwise entities rob the public of their customer rights.

I only hope that schools and programs that don’t produce employed graduates must be placed under strict assessment, and be closed down if needed otherwise they become predecessors of cheat and injustice.

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