Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cutting – Class Students

Classes for new school year will start again come June 15 and I am pretty sure that most parents and students along with the teachers are quite excited to hurdle through another year again.

But, while most students are interested in school, a good number is also delinquent and choose to be absent or cut from classes to join their friends or play around instead.

When I was still a program head, most of my delinquent students stayed in computer games center and fooled their families that they were in school on their uniforms and allowances. And,  next thing the parents knew about their kids, they  were paying humungous unattended school tuitions. Thus, as a responsible school, we called the parents for conference to at least do needed interventions.

The kids could have different reasons why they would rather miss school but the parents only endure the consequence and I  really feel for them.  Earning for tuition fees is no joke in the Philippines but the kids seem not to value  that.  Sigh!

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