Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Election – Serving Teachers Still Unpaid

The national election in the Philippines had concluded last May 10 and while some of the political candidates were already officially pronounced, some are still holding on.  Last time I read the news, 12 senators were already proclaimed while the president and vice – president seats still await final counting.
Indeed, the proclamation was fast but some teachers who had served during election time are still waiting for their small compensation. This is indeed quite dissatisfying knowing that teachers risked themselves during election period and had to endure long hours of sitting or standing just to guard the election returns and votes. I am quite sure they were heavily stressed from anxiety, fatigue, back and wrist aches,  joint pain  and their services are still unpaid.

I hope COMELEC can immediately compensate these teachers and give them their due incentives. And, government leaders must attend to these periodic problems from occurring.

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