Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Semester Enrolment on the Go

When May comes, students are then scheduled to have their first semester enrollment. Some students have long done with their enrollment albeit  some are still on vacation waiting to have their own turn.In fact, my other sibling  has still return from her vacation to go through the enrollment interviews.

Normally, schools do provide enrollment flowcharts to guide their students. At least, this makes the process easier. But, possible problems normally happen when grades are not complete or when students do have failing marks, these can make enrollment longer.  Not to include that power interruptions overwhelm the entire Mindanao.  The extreme weather conditions don't at all make the days less grumpier. I wish we can have a dehumidifier to lighten the heat.

I am pretty sure the students are getting excited to see their friends, classmates and teachers. It will only be a matter of weeks when I can finally see my own students. LOL!

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