Monday, May 10, 2010

Freshmen Dilemma

Now that enrolment for the first semester is up, most of the college freshmen face typical problems like choosing the best school and picking the right course.

I remember well that my father discouraged me to take an education course because he believed that there is no future for teachers. I could not blame him as teachers in the country are quite underpaid but overworked. So, I took Computer Science; I feared seeing blood and hated English too but I favored Mathematic well that Computer Science seemed a better option. It did do me well but I still end up as an IT teacher. LOL! Now, I do what I have been wanting to do, teaching. Hahahahhah!

I forced my other siblings though to take electrical engineering and education. They both graduated from the courses and earned their licenses but only my youngest sister puts her degree into good use. Now, I have another say to my youngest sister, she is only inclined to business, but wanted to take HRM. I can only advice her to take double courses so, she can help manage the business and do what she loves to do also.
Thus, for students who are still distressed as to what school or course to pursue, it wont hurt if they consider these criteria: job opportunities, quality education, budget, and personal preference.

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