Sunday, May 30, 2010

Health Education Intensified

The Department of Health warns the public of common illnesses that most students contract especially that rainy season kicks in already. These include dengue, typhoid fever, colds and flu. The government officials along with Non - Government Organizations coordinate with school authorities to keep their surroundings clean and to intensify healthy living among  the youngsters.

It pays when individuals get knowledgeable of pressing concerns in the society. They get to make their own choices of addressing these concerns that best benefit them.

One of the other pressing health issue is obesity. With increasing death toll caused by ill lifestyle, doctors and other experts warn the public against too much eating, less exercise and other ill vices.

Thus, interventions like cosmetic surgery, exercise, special diet and weight loss pills like phentremine are highly encouraged.

The kids and I go to school every day and it will matter a lot if we don't get sick by mere infection. Authorities can only be proactive of these diseases that plaque students and school personnel.

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