Monday, May 10, 2010

I Love Teaching But. . .

Teaching is one of  the underpaid but overworked professions in the Philippines. In fact, my pop  originally discouraged me to pursue  education degree before simply because there is no future in education making me took Computer Science instead.

But, in spite of my IT course, I opted to teach still IT. hahhahahah! I guess teaching is just in my heart. But, in spite of the love I have for this course, I can't deny that there are indeed occupational hazards for us  teachers.

Most of the problems include strained vision, chronic backpains,  crammed legs, work stress,  and mental and emotional workload.

I was originally advised to wear eye glasses to address my  eye problems and some anti wrinkles and cocoa butter stretch marks for the aging and work constraints.

Further, most of the teachers who are single, remain single because they simply dont have time to look for any romantic relationships.

 This profession needs a life for the teacher themselves but teaching is their way of life that all these drawbacks seem insignificant.

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