Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Teachers are Needed

With increasing number of students transferring to public schools, these institutions are swarmed with overcrowded students but with limited resources and teachers.

However, with meager compensation of public teachers, you can’t really expect to allure promising students to pursue education programs. The last time I heard, there was an increase that a new teacher – entrant has an average pay of 10000.00 for an 8 – hour/day work from Monday to Friday.  If a teacher is single and has no obligations at all, then this pay will suffice enough otherwise this new teacher will be one of those who suffer from too much loans because their pay can’t keep up with their living expenses.

I teach in a college school and with masters degree, my basic pay fall around 15000.00 but since I only teach parttime, I only get very small pay every other two weeks.  Teaching profession is indeed too much work but underpaid.

I read one article in Yahoo that even America lists teaching as one of the less – paying careers. Geez! We are really undervalued globally.

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