Thursday, May 6, 2010

PCOS Voting Education

Come May 10, the entire nation will be making a significant mark in the entire Philippine history as we conclude the election the full automation using The PCOS machine. This promises fast and cheat - free (almost) election.

But, up to this date, we are still experiencing PCOS - related problems including PCOS machines not reaching all the target election areas. Further, we are bombarded with power shortage, PCOS machine inaccuracy, political killings, and voters' education.

Not all Filipino voters are computer literate, thus, voting can be a little uncomfortable for them. Thus, COMELEC and other entities continuously educate the nation, although, I say they are only covering a small percentage of the entire voter populace.

But, the general tips for casting the vote include,

1. create a voting guide of all to be elected politicians
2. shade fully or at least 3/4 of the space
3. select only the correct number of candidates
4. (my own opinion) vote wisely

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