Thursday, May 6, 2010

Philippine Automated Election at Risk

It will be three (3) days from now when the first fully automated election will be put to use come this Monday.  IT experts of course had long welcomed the idea but anxieties always overwhelm the nation. Fraud seems too natural for  all the elections that we have had. Our political leaders are always marred with dishonesty and ill perceptions.

But, the prevailing fear nowadays are the possible failure of the PCOS machine on the right counting of national and local votes. In the recent testings of PCOS machines, they failed to count well the votes. This can indeed cause nationwide anxiety and a way to contest election results.

Thus, politicians and IT experts would want to do the parallel voting where manual scheme shall go along with the automation. But, I personally dont see any hope also on this method since if the votes won't match, it can be a total disaster for everyone.

I just pray that politicians will accept their victory humbly and their losses with dignity. Until this election can be totally fraud - free and that Filipinos will be intelligent voters, this May 10 election wont make any difference at all in changing the direction of this nation. God help us!

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