Saturday, May 29, 2010

Scholarship for Vocational Programs

With increasing cut from students who enter 4-year programs, the government has commissioned TESDA to provide short courses to students. With proficiency exam, graduates of TESDA programs are given certifications which are also nationally recognized.

And, scholarships are also given. Below are the requirements copied in  to-to from TESDA portal.  You can check their for more details.

Scholarship for student

Qualification for the scholarships
  • Filipino Citizen
  • At least 15 years old
  • Has taken the National Career has undergone/should take the Youth Profiling for Starring Careers (YP4SC)
Scholarships Benefits
  • Free career profiling
  • Free full cost of training
  • Training Support Fund P60 daily aloowance for new workers or half minimum wage for displaced workers
  • Free competency assessment
  • Employment referral
Where and how to apply
  • Go to the nearest TESDA Regional or Provincial/District Office and inquire about the different courses and scholarships that are offered.
  • Get a career profiling to know your occupational interests and abilities to make sure that the course you want to take is the right one for you.
  • Get a referral for your skills training or scholarships.
  • Register, participate and complete your training to earn a training certificate.
  • Take the Competency Assessment after your training.
  • You will be issued a National Certificate (NC) or Certificate of Competency (CoC) if you will pass the competency assessment.
  • Visit the nearest TESDA or Public Employment Service Office to learn more about the job vacancies here an abroad.
  • For those who will work abroad, you can get a Language Skills Training in the nearest TESDA Language Skills Institute (LSI) to enhance your work communication skills.

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