Wednesday, May 26, 2010

School Brigade All Year Round

Elementary and high school teachers normally enjoy two months of no class with pay. But, along with this vacation, they have to render service to clean out in their classrooms and redecorate if needed.
However, not all schools are blessed with enough teachers, classrooms and books. In fact, some students have to have their classes under the shade of trees  or  in other open areas. And with increasing tuition fees among private schools, parents have to send their kids to public schools causing the population to even bloat than necessary. The teacher - student ratio now comes to 1:60 students when the ideal is only 1:40. Some teachers have to traverse rivers and mountains just to hold classes in secluded areas.  These scenarios are quite typical in my beloved country.

Thus, I can laud the efforts of the government commission on education to hold school makeover all year round.  I only hope that the quality of education gets better especially with new leaders installed come June 30.

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