Sunday, May 30, 2010

School Classes to Start June 15

My fellow STI faculty visited our store a few days ago and I was only proud to show off our stocks. She did like our collection of shoes and bag but no available size fit her. I have to ask my in - laws to send shoes of different sizes.

I had the chance to query when the faculty would be and it’s set on June 1, my very birthday. LOL! We shall have our loading assignment on that day and I am not quite sure if I will still have the loadings although the last time, the college dean and I had a talk, he was planning to give me Java basics.

The kids along with my youngest sibling will have the classes  on June 15 as the official start and we are pretty excited although my kid would want to have his class start after his birthday on June 21. LOL! I guess he is really enjoying his vacation much.
I hope I can buy his things before classes start.

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