Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sex Education as Part of Basic Curriculum

As a leading catholic country in Asia, some political leaders and religious groups are in deep debate as Department of Education shall integrate sex education as part of basic curriculum among elementary and high school students.

With increasing rate of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies to affect younger and younger age, the education officials are only compelled to educate the kids more about consequences of sexual intercourse and alike.

Basic sex education is already taught even decades ago and was integrated in Science and Socio subjects. But, I guess the sex education that schools will be doing will be more intense. I quite  believe that this will help young ones to be taught and guided more instead of just leaving them to access Internet for misguided sex education.

Not all parents, however, can be that open minded. They want to protect their kids from  early exposure  to sex. But, if I remember it well, pediatricians suggest that sex education can be started as early as three years old.

Thus, with parents and teachers' guidance, the young ones can be taught of responsible sex education to include consequences of sex. Resources on  best testosterone creams  and others can  help students and mentors address sex - related concerns.

Even students from nice families get sexually abused or contaminated by diseases, and, unless they and the rest of the young ones are taught of sex education maturely, HIV and unwanted pregnancy rates shall continue to rise up dramatically.

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