Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Teachers as Mothers

Statistics says that the teaching profession is one of the most underpaid professions worldwide, however, in spite of these major drawback, teachers remain committed with their professions.
For one, I remain in teaching for 12 years and still counting not because of financial gains knowing that the salary is not even enough to sustain a family but for the fact that I contribute to shaping the future of the kids. This is the knowledge that no amount of compensation can pay.

Thus, it is not surprising that teachers build parental bonding with their students. I normally receive text messages, greetings, gifts and red roses on occasions like birthdays, holiday seasons and Mother’s day.  And these come from my students of different schools in a span of 12 years. I can only feel warmth, gratitude and honor.

And, even if students leave the portals of their schools, they continue to remember their great and worst teachers and when one day, they bump to their old mentors, no other delight can mentors feel other than the fact that their students have done successfully in their chosen career.

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