Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Technology - Assisted Education

Since school time is coming, teachers in all levels are quite busy already preparing their programs and classroom  teaching materials.  I am pretty sure  that they make use of  conventional media while most of the teachers make use already of technology including computers, projectors, cameras  and all.  The schools are normally up to  buy memory, printers, more computer units, theater systems and all to make teaching instructions more effective. Normally, the preparations are for the entire school year, although they have to be broken into specific details for shorter periods.

Teaching is quite tough and requires time to prepare. As a teacher for over a decade, I can get used to the works but somehow, it still burns me out.  At least, using technology, preparations can be lighter and easier.

We can always be loving and sensitive teachers but it will be better if we can become smarter and use technology to aid our teachings.

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