Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Values Education Among Philippine Politicians

The 2010 national election was already over and some provinces and cities have already proclaimed their victors. However, the presidential, vice presidential and senatorial posts are still to be officially filled. Some candidates have conceded already to the victors while other candidates opted to file file protests or simply chose to close their mouths and accept their defeats.

I can commend the fine gentlemen who accepted their defeats with pride and honor as I detest politicians who seemed to cling to their old posts like leeches. In spite of automation, fraud is always attached to losses. Why can't they just accept their defeats? This I cant really fathom.

I quite hope that whoever shall be elected for the national positions, total change and cooperation shall be attained. This nation has long been suffering; it is high time that these politicians serve the public's interest first above all. 

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