Monday, May 10, 2010

Vote Count Knowledge

  The day is over for national election and we only anticipate the results of the election from national and local precincts. For now, only Aquino leads the presidential race while Binay on the vice - presidential race. However, the results are still partial covering only 38% of the total population.

With the automated election vote casting and counting, results are simply quick. I wish everything can be done as quick as a finger snap. But, I heard there is  quick trim   to help cut down the weights in a flash. People will simply love to see impressive weight - loss results  immediately.

When results are considered the best, time can be quite crucial too. The election results will be finalized in two (2) days compared to weeks of counting from old traditional election. I only hope that this election will be less violent and less fraud than the old ones so that country recovery can be totally achieved. We can only anticipate with hope.

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