Thursday, May 27, 2010

Young Students in Delinquent Crimes

With social and economic problems in my beloved Philippines, the national crimes continue to increase. And, what seems to be a hopeful change that new leaders will be installed officially this June 30, the election is still clouded with anxiety, doubt and possible fraud. I am simply one of the many Filipinos who clamor for deep change because even if I have a job, life is still difficult in the Philippines. So, just imagine if a family with three (3) kids are simply supported by one job holder on around Php 150.00-250.00 ($3 -$5) daily wage. I see two (2) meals with no promising food and limited to no schooling at all for the kids.

No wonder that every day, I can hear stories of brawl fights, delinquent crimes of  theft, robber, murder and drug trafficking among the kids. And, when parents are as hopeless, what do these kids have to live for.

I wish to have a comfortable life. Who isn't anyway? And, I remain hopeful that life ahead can be better. There is fast and free  life insurance quote    for retirement and health packages that anyone can use for.

I am only around 30's but I wish that my kid and nephews will grow well and away from any delinquent problem. I only hope that the government authorities and agencies find ways to contain and address the causes of juvenile rebellion and problems. Only then, juvenile - related outlaws can be solved.

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