Friday, June 25, 2010

Advice on Students’ Vices

I was a straight – A student before and never did I try vices like smoking or drinking except for social drinking in special occasions. I guess it could be attributed to the fact that my parents were quite conservative and strict on prioritizing education among anything else. However, as soon as I started working, having friends and fun had quite influenced me to try something new causing my temporary dementia on the values I previously uphold. Thus, I could not really blame students who are into habits like computer gaming, smoking ordinary or electronic cigarette , alcohol drinking or taking of illegal substance among others.

But, when vices can put the schooling at risk or when filial relationships are blurred, then, these vices must be reassessed to consider what really is important. As a teacher for over a decade, I have seen students and parents break down because of peers among others.

I can only hope that  students don't have to drop simply because they lose their interest to study and favor instead their peers above all.

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