Saturday, June 19, 2010

Amazing Students

From national news earlier, a 15 – year-old boy gets himself enrolled in Grade 1 and while the rest of his classmates are way his junior, he is simply at peace with his present setup. And when asked about his persistence to finish elementary, I can only commend his value for education. His mom strongly insisted that he takes basic education so not to be like her, not able to read and write.

There are a number of dropped – out kids who because of financial constraints have to stop schooling, thus, they add up to the social burden of the economy causing crime rates to even rise up. But, government agencies and some NGO’s provide mechanisms to help out out-of-school youth and even elders to return to school and finish at least elementary and high school education.

The thing is even if education is free, daily meals and allowances can even be a problem. I wish that the government can provide holistic solution because even scholarships can be less attractive to those who have empty stomachs. Addressing the main cause of the problem is always the smartest solution, that is, employment and fewer taxes can, first and foremost, be given above anything else.

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