Saturday, June 19, 2010

Difficult Big Classes

Typically, a class can have around 40 students per teacher and most of the time, my subjects are loaded with such number. However, for this semester, one of my subjects reaches to 50 and may still be counting. I reported this to my superior and only confirmed the number, however, we can only anticipate that the delinquent students shall opt to miss their classes again and that will cut down the number.

When I was just starting with my teaching career, I have to be at my throat’s end just to make voice audible to the end of the classroom. But, over the years, I somehow developed the teacher’s voice. LOL!

But, what I don’t like with big class is the fact that I have to attend to more kids to learn, and more papers to check although I love the noise once in a while.
So, I guess I just have to endure the big crowd and enjoy the semester as always.

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