Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finally, School Rest

Thank God, It’s Weekend! This is an overstated dialogue but this is indeed relieving as I go to school from Monday to Saturday. I have my rest every MWF as I only take one subject during lunch time while TTHs are filled with 4.5 hours of work. Saturdays are however, consumed with 3 hours of long laboratory.

I can only consume my in – between breaks on more writing, more reading and less recreation. So, a weekend can be more than a relief as I prepare again for week’s toil.

Perhaps when I have the time, I can drag myself and the rest of the family to visit a nice place with a spacious playground, lovely garden, clear pond with pond filters, and superb food.

The store is only my place to rest and to attend to school works and although I have a meager pay as a parttime teacher, I can’t afford to take the fulltime job because of our store. So, I guess temporary breaks can suffice.

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