Friday, June 11, 2010

FTP Connection Error

I have been trying to upload new themes to Wordpress and my fellow teacher did give some tips how to do the task. But, when I viewed the Wordpress panel, I was surprised that I had been using their tips from the very beginning that they seemed to have misunderstood my question. Sigh! So, I was left to seeing  tutorials how to upload the new theme.

But, the tutorial gave 2 ways: FTP mode and File Manager. I did try to use FTP but I was having this connection error and when I checked Wordpress support, it states that FTP is not allowed. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! This Wordpress  environment is really getting into my nerves. Goodness!

Perhaps, when I have longer time, I can really go over the nitty - gritty and be more patient.

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