Friday, June 25, 2010

Glad It’s Weekend

Nothing is more pleasant than getting a weekend and a break from typical weekday works. I am at school practically every day even on a Saturday, however, I can simply endure the Saturday’s 3 – hour class since it is only a laboratory schedule. I don’t have to exhaust long time on lectures or discussions that are normally done during class time.

I shall however, consume the entire afternoon preparing for next week’s classes. Teaching is indeed a burdensome work with underpaid value; but, teachers who have had stayed with this profession for several years are only with meager pay slip but bountiful load of service and passion that are rarely seen or appreciated. Geez! I never have read a teacher becoming a millionaire from his less - than - mediocre pay.
But, I simply love teaching and just like other teachers who have had devoted their time in school, no amount of compensation can outweigh the delight I feel from teaching young minds academically or otherwise.

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