Friday, June 25, 2010

Holy Spirit Mass to Bless the New School Year

The class today was suspended to give way to holy mass celebration and freshmen and transferee’s orientation.

My new school isn’t a secular school, thus, I quite miss the times when I was still working for a Catholic where most of the religious occasions are highly observed. Normally, first Friday mass is celebrated and if there are major religious activities like Mama Mary’s birthday or Immaculate Conception, we conclude the day with a mass among others.

So, having a holy spirit mass to bless the new school year is only welcoming. The entire 4 rooms were filled earlier by Christians that some were left standing along the rooms’ corridors waiting for the mass to end and to have the orientation. I had to however attend for the faculty presentation but left past noon to proceed to our store.

Christian or not, it is only necessary to start any endeavor right and securing spiritual blessings can be a nice head start.

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