Friday, June 4, 2010

Increasing Pregnancy and Marriages among Young Students

The Department of Education shall enforce the inclusion of sex education in the basic curriculum. In fact, the Catholic organizations are quite appalled by this initiative especially when this has to be taught to toddlers too. 

I quite remember that doctors suggest to teach sex education as early as 3 years old. The government agencies are quite alarmed with the increasing number of pregnancy and early marriages among students who age as young as 14. 

And, with sexy movies and internet access to pornographic sites, it is not surprising that kids have this inkling to try sexual intercourse without due concern for possible pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

In my hometown alone, we have 147  cases of  early pregnancies making the students drop out from school.

I am into pro sex education because that will educate the kids, I just hope that together with the close guidance of parents, the young ones won't have to face early marriages or pregnancies when they still have so much to enjoy for as they age.

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