Thursday, June 24, 2010

Needing a Teacher Table

The thing with being a part-time  teacher  is that I can come and go to  school for my teaching assignments only during the assigned time and I am quite pleased with the arrangement as I spend my break time with our store and home.

But, this pleasing arrangement is not at all without its drawback. Just yesterday, I had to carry my shoulder bag, laptop bag, and the projector's bag all the way from the ground floor to third floor through their long and winding stairs on my three - inch heel shoes. I could only say a prayer that I would not tip over as I walked. Also, I quite detest the fact that I don't even have a table to place my papers and others although I can quite understand this since the faculty room is limited in space.

The store's construction is to be started today and the construction team will start with the layout of the fitting room, counter and display areas. We still need a lot of stuffs including  mmf drawer   to make the store fully operational by July 8.

Teaching and business are without their occupational hazards but service to others among their many benefits can't be simply ignored. I can only resign to the fact that I am in love with teaching and entrepreneurship.

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