Friday, June 11, 2010

Sex Education for Pilot Testing

The much controversial  sex education shall be integrated in the basic curriculum in the education system of the Philippines to start among grade 5 students aging 11-12 to high school. This has indeed drawn so much criticisms, especially, from the Roman Catholic.

Although, I am a Catholic I would encourage sex education  among the youngsters because pregnancy and premarital sex as a whole has been exercised as early as the teens, thus, pregnancy occur as young as 14 years old and Internet access does not at all limit the young ones from opening adult websites.

Sex education shall be tested among 80 public elementary schools and 79 high schools. It shall cover everything except contraceptives.

Knowledge on sex and reproductive systems including their functions, consequences, implications, boosters like testosterone booster  among others are  important to having or preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

So, with the teachers and parents, students must be well guided about the value and implications of sex while their young.

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