Friday, June 4, 2010

Subject Loading and All

Just recently, we had our faculty meeting to include load assignments, school calendars and some provisions. Since I came in late along with a fellow teacher, we were reprimanded by the school administrator. What a nice way to start my day. Sigh!

But, the faculty team has become bigger with new additions. I was asked if I can handle full time work already, but with business and all, I can't afford to stay enclosed school premises the whole time. I received my 21 - unit load assignment but have two classes in the evening and since I won't have the time to attend to my family, I decided to give up the two subjects and settle for 15 - unit load instead. I just hope my supervisor will get the needed replacement.

I saw new senior teachers too. The nice thing about teaching is that it does not entirely rely on age. Even a senior citizen can teach provided he has the the skills and knowledge to handle the subject.

The government and society do provide special privileges for seniors including term insurance for seniors to help them out when they retire.

I wish I can still teach when I reach my senior years and enjoy my retirement too but this requires planning and saving while I am younger. I don't want to be a burden to my family or my kid once I am too old to fend for myself. We can only be smarter and think of what we will be in the coming years.

Our classes will start on June  15. It shall be fun again to work with my fellow teachers and meet my seniors and listen to their wisdom.

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