Saturday, June 19, 2010

Technology – Aided Education

As a computer teacher, it is a must that we have technology presentation or simulation at least. Thus, having equipment like projector or TV screens like Samsung HDTV can really be a great help. Teaching big crowds of students can really be a big toil, and to only discuss with nothing but chalk or pen and eraser can be designing my own torture chamber. LOL!

So, whenever the equipment are available, I use them for my instruction but I always have to have Plan B just in case the equipment are not free.

Needless to say though that some schools may not have the same opportunity to have equipment and gadget to aid in classroom instruction, thus, the schools can rely on available resources and teachers’ creativity.

These schools can only rely then on donations for equipment and other school resources to deliver better education. So, I only appeal that NGO’s, private individuals and corporations can help public schools.

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