Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trouble with Programming Codes in Wordpress

I did try to have a Wordpress - based blog late last year but I never really master the environment since I am all used to Blogger's more user-friendly framework.

As part of blogging rules, traffic is highly needed to boost blog exposure and I have been using Entrecard to handle this task. The Entrecard's Javascript codes work fine in Blogger but are definitely not accepted in a Wordpress blog.

This  got me all confused since some of my blogger-friends have EC widget on their Wordpress blogs which led me to write support tickets to both Entrecard and Wordpress. Wordpress tech support however pointed out that scripts are not allowed. SIgh!

But, I wont give up though because if other WP blogs work ok with EC codes, then, eventually  my blog will be up and running with it also. I just have to look for ways to remedy this problem. Hmnnn! I wont be a techie teacher for nothing. hahahhahah!

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