Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wanting Graduate School Again

I am done with my Masters in Public Administration but since I teach IT, I pursued Masters in Information Technology. I am done with my one year of subject loads and I still have another year to go. I did have my last schooling in 2009 and I stopped because of limited resources. However, while my classmates were all done with our academics, I am left wanting to procrastinate more but have to really go back. Thus, as soon as I can find enough resources to let me go back to my graduate studies this November, I shall be hitting the roads again to another city for Saturday classes.

I just don’t know how I can manage my time among business, teaching, blogging and family. Sigh! I think I shall be in for disaster again but I just don’t have plenty of choices to consider.

Well, I will work harder and save more but I have to entrust everything to the Big Man for other things. Oh, help me God!

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