Sunday, July 4, 2010

Anyone But the Teacher Can Be Absent

Teaching can be a fulfilling work but quite draining too especially if you have more than three (3) subject preparations to do every week. I only have three (3) preparations but two (2) of these subjects are new and with laboratory that quite fill my entire week including Saturdays.   I have to exert more readings on these two (2) subjects that I feel I have a full - time load to endure.

I don't feel well as I have colds and my kid has been sick for a couple of days with on and off fever. He has been absent from school for three (3) days and we still have to bring him to his pediatrician for thorough check - up while I am still contemplating whether I have to miss my class. This is the sad thing about being absent when you are teacher; you shall waste the time of all your students and I quite feel quite guilty about that, so, as much as possible,  I go to school in spite of uncomfortable situations.

Teaching students about academic contents, health including human growth hormone supplements , social and economic problems, values education among others are complementary. I guess this commitment for service is rooted from my orientation as a private secular teacher.

I only hope I don't get dizzy when I face my students today.

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