Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to Enhance Social Skills in School

I was never an extrovert person before where I spent most of my schooling days only indoor and academic. However, from prior experience and teaching exposures, you too can develop your social skills. You can employ the following tips to rid gradually your inhibition from social activities.

1. Develop small group of friends who share with you similar interests and values;
2. Be open to welcoming new acquaintances from your friends' circles;
3. Join academic or non - academic groups;
4. Take personality - enhancement talks or fora;
5. Join in social events - start with required activities and extend these to off - school fun; and
6. Enjoy the company of others.
7. Enhance your personality through fashion and body makeover, regular exercise, diet and other personality - boosting measures like apidexin to complement your weight loss/gain programs.

Being alone may mean fun too, however, social skills are imperative whenever you wish to work. Thus, exposure while in school can gradually help you improve your interpersonal skills and through this, your confidence is further boosted. It will simply come handy when you assert your worth as you apply for  or pursue a job.

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