Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to Improve Your Personality

Personality affects self - confidence and this is an issue not limited to students or teachers alone. In fact, a number has low self - esteem that printed and non - printed media seem too define personality if you have long legs, great body figures, Hollywood face or hefty paychecks.

However, self - confidence can only be improved through self interventions too to start with. Experts say that to improve your personality, you have to at least address the cause(s) of your poor self - esteem;  these can be your physical features like body weights or disfigures or poor hygiene. You can actually remedy this through exercise using  fitness equipment or alike. If you have a body disfigure, a surgery  or artificial replacement can be done. A poor hygiene that leads to bad breath or body odor can also be remedied as commercial products or services can assist you.

More importantly, it is necessary that you have a positive outlook of yourself; if you believe that you are as important as others and not afraid to commit mistakes, other people will simply respect and trust you more. You don't have to be a celebrity or VIP to be heard; an improved self - confidence can make a valuable difference.

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