Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to Protect Yourself from Misfortune

Irregardless of culture, religion or gender, mishaps or misfortunes for others may happen at the most unexpected time. Thus, it pays off when we are proactive and reactive that we respond to present issues and anticipate future trends.

I get nervous when unexpected things happen and learning how to drive a motorbike at a very late age does not all help. It is however a good thing that I had a good driver to teach me and I took  an orientation on traffic rules. Traffic situation is always worse in most parts of the Philippines and along with this is the monstrous number of road accidents.

Normally, a petty delinquent driver is penalized through  a fine and traffic reorientation. But, don't you know that in California, when you receive your California Federal Court Traffic Ticket for a violation, you can use a an online traffic school that can help you reclaim your demerit points from traffic misfortunes. The state court recognizes this site and with a payment of $19.95, you can take the lesson and associated exam at your own pacing until you finish the complete set of lessons and you warrant for certification. An 8 - hour of online traffic schooling may be too much for you but their system allows you to cut the lessons to different times as your progress is automatically saved allowing you to resume from where you have last worked on.

 At this time where everyone seems in a hurry, it is only sensible that we employ technology to get things done.

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