Friday, July 2, 2010

Knowledge 101

When the weather shifts from extreme cold to superb warm,  our immunity only weakens and if we don't  have a healthy lifestyle among other things, we can only aggravate our condition. On top of these typical illnesses, dengue fever is more dreaded.

There is now an alarming number of dengue cases where most students are affected.  Dengue fever is caused by an affected mosquito carrying the dengue virus. Normally, these mosquitoes live in clean stagnant water that may have accumulated from regular rainfalls.  Once bitten, the affected patient may acquire symptoms like high fever, severe headache, vomiting, rashes 3-4 days after the fever, and body pains that if not properly and promptly treated may also lead to death. Thus,  the Department of Health  can only advice the general public to remove any stagnant water and emit anti - dengue sprays especially in the late afternoons.

We can opt to be healthy or sick by becoming proactive and responsive to present health issues including dengue fever, cancer, obesity, strokes, heart diseases among others. Thus, we can  only take actions and readings against common health problems and know their countermeasures like preventions, cures, side effects of treatments like  side effects of diet pills   to name a few.

Unexpected deaths or serious complications from typical problems can be prevented if only we are knowledgeable on how to combat them making us save our own life or our loved ones.

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