Sunday, July 4, 2010

Overcoming College Fear

It is quite typical among incoming college freshmen that they shall feel anxiety as transition from high school to college kicks in. Thus, most schools do have Freshmen Forum or alike as an intervening medium to aid freshmen adjust with college life.

Normally, they are joined with other freshmen with some experts to discuss openly their anxiety and to discuss how they can cope with the social and academic pressures among others. Further, they  are joined with peer councilors and student organizations where they can socially harness their skills, interests and talents.

The role  of  the Guidance Office contributes significantly to influencing freshmen to like their new life as students. They provide various services to include adjustment from staying away from home, some tips and insights on vices, sex, academic delinquency, health issues including sexual transmitted diseases, beauty and personality tips including blackheads treatment  among others. 

College life is never easy, however, it provides wide array of experience of fun, wisdom and excitement that when properly enjoyed can make college days quite pleasant and memorable.

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