Saturday, July 3, 2010

Term Exams Soon

Come second week of July, students of my school will have to hurdle through their Prelims exams and this definitely mean paying again for their tuition, complying with term requirements and studying for all their enrolled subjects' exams.

I can only feel for my students who have more than three subjects to juggle with because these subjects shall definitely require them to devote their time and resources. And, when they don't have good study habits, they can quite risk their grades.

I remember when I was still a student, I had to prepare for my major exams a week prior to exam dates to make me more comprehend the subjects and could relax during exam days. I had to endure long hours of deprived sleep, strained eyes from hard readings, and more hours for requirements and due projects that I looked quite lanky and dead. Good thing though that there are now de - stressors and medications like memory boosters and  under eye cream for dark circles  to make the toil less obvious.

But, nowadays, most students don't seriously study anymore and if they can find a way to make their exams easier, they will simply be happy to oblige to. I just hope that they can do well this coming exam as it entirely affects their semestral grades.

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