Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Cope with Low Grades

After the long ordeal from string of exams and quarter requirements, it is now time for submitting and releasing of grades. I just encoded my midterm grades for my college students and while I am happy that  most of my students get passing marks, I still feel sorry for those who have earned failing grades due to chronic absences or  low performances from exams and other subject requirements.

But, if you are among who have just earned low or failing marks, you can still cope with your low marks by trying the following tips:

  • attend classes regularly, so, not to miss classroom activities like quizzes, seat/boardworks and others;
  • seek special projects or tasks if possible to augment points;
  • seek a mentor on subjects you have hard times;
  • study your course outline and references way earlier to better comprehend the concepts;
  • develop discipline in your learning styles and study habits; 
  • develop a positive attitude towards your schooling for better and sustaining motivation; and
  • acquire more resources for wider knowledge and better output in your academic performance. 

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