Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How To Prepare for Your Exams

It is examination today until Friday and even though I kid around my students about preparing for their cheat logs, I strictly stressed that nothing beats preparing for the exams and this means studying through each subject in an ample time, so, concepts and theories can be better understood.

Having graduated with honors from basic education to graduate school proves only these tips to be fool - proof:

1. Keep complete notes and resources on your subjects. Secure a course outline that is normally given at the start of the semester. Reading through these references can give you a headstart;

2. Work on your term - end requirements ahead of deadlines to give enough time for reviewing;

3. Prepare an outline from all your reading materials. If this cant be done, you can highlight the main points on your notes or books. Provide notes or comments for easy recall.

4. Review at least few days to a week and give longer time on subjects that are difficult to master. On the week of test, simply skim over your notes and relax more. Your prior review shall be enough to get you covered for your test;

5. Be around during your professors' review time. Normally, professors or teachers are generous that they give tips and cues on what to expect from your exams.

6. On the day of your exam, RELAX! A breathing technique or/and a prayer will help clear your mind and make you more focused.

7. On the day of your test, read your exam's directions first before going through each question;

8. Sometimes, questions give for cues on what should be the best answer, single out these cues.

9. Before you submit your exams, review all your answers and check if  all questions are covered.

10. After a long exam, pamper yourself and repeat the above tips for your next scheduled exam.

All these tips apply for short or long tests. I tell you, having an A+ grade is not easy but it is never impossible. GOOD LUCK!

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