Saturday, August 7, 2010

How to Relieve of Stress

Stress is known to cause fast aging, health disorders and depression among others and with these medically proven effects of stress, it is only imperative that we find means to relieve ourselves of this inevitable condition and protect ourselves.

Experts say that finding an outlet or two to de-stress can help you re-energize your enthusiasm and energy. If I am all burned out from work, family or simply fast - pace lifestyles, I employ the following stress mechanisms:

  1. watch movies at home or in theaters with friends or loved ones;
  2. cultivate my garden and re-plant seedlings; 
  3. read novels and all - time classics;
  4. go to a beauty parlor for hair treatment or pedicure and spa;
  5. body or foot massages;
  6. zip my fave ice coolers;
  7. play with kid and nephews;
  8. blog my day;
  9. eat my sin food like chocolates;
  10. jog or do taebo every week;
 Whatever you do to relax means something already. The bottomline is learn how to recharge your life for  more fun days ahead.

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