Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Learning Different Skills

I once read an IQ - booster article from Reader's Digest that IQ can be further improved through acquiring new skills that will allow new brain nerves to form. This goes with having an excellent and smart partner, challenging job, and reading more to name a few.

As an IT teacher, my work involves doing programming, so, I can somehow be assured that my days aren't that dull and boring; however, my new venture in business requires me to do all the marketing, managerial and accounting works that my 24/7 time is not at all sufficient.

Thus, I wish to employ the services of other individuals especially to work on  accounting jobs  to make my tasks less tiring, draining and chaotic. I can seem to learn to do all the tasks related to business and programming, but, with physical drain and time constraints, I guess getting a hired help is a more viable option.

It is indeed scientifically proven that IQ can accelerate through genes and environment, and doing something about it to make wiser decisions on personal or professional matters make a significant difference.  So, while young and able, learn new skills!

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