Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Midterm is Coming

Next week shall be a busy time for most teachers and students as they hurdle through their Midterm coverage. I, for one, am not done with all the paper works and they continue to pile up. With busy time from business and school, I can only wish that I can find recreational means or other alternatives to de - stress or de - toxify me.

Alternative medicine and psychologists say that water can have a therapeutic effect on individuals. Scientific or not, I simply love watching water from the sea, aquarium or brook because they mean life and hope.

So, if I want means, alternative or otherwise, I shall have my own place with a water pool or pond with  pond pumps   to keep it safe and clean.

I can only advice my students though that when  they prepare for their test, they must do it few days before the tests and too relax on the big days to calm down.

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