Sunday, August 29, 2010

When Teaching Becomes a Noble Career

I have been a teacher for over 13 years and when asked if I have wasted my prime in classrooms and in between classrecords and test papers, my answer is always "NO" for I have grown to be a better person from this career.

Teaching  is as noble as any job and when you are committed to give all your 100% efforts on anything, you can be as noble as a  king.

Anyone can be a teacher, but, only committed and passionate teachers get to enjoy the long hours of standing, checking of test papers and preparing for academic instructions. Thus, in spite of meager pay, seeing students lead a good life can be fulfilling already.

So, if young teachers really see a long fulfilling life in their chosen career, help from supportive school administration, healthy lifestyle and comfortable  footwear from Spenco  can make a big difference.

My other classmates and friends  may have pursued a different career, but, whatever path we all have chosen, the basic criterion of nobleness is that we have served with a big heart for others.

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