Thursday, September 16, 2010

Be Informed and Save Lives!

Last September 5, my SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers community conducted a blood drive for Red Cross and it was only timely and relevant because of the accelerating cases of Dengue nationwide.

But, what can be the perks of donating blood apart from saving lives?  Articles say that it allows rejuvenation or replenishment  of blood supply, makes you check your health status, lowers down your iron level that  prevents heart problems, and reduces cancer risks including lung, liver, colon and throat cancers.

Knowing all these health perks, donating blood is simply helpful. Thus, when one is informed on how to protect and save one's health including  colon cleanse  can indeed protect  your life and your loved ones.

After the blood donation, the group headed to a local orphanage for feeding. We can only hope that we can do our community works again.

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