Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bonding with Students

This evening is free from studying lessons or checking papers as students shall go through their exams tomorrow until Saturday. I wish to make use of our three - day prefinal exams to check on quizzes, term papers and laboratory works.

But, with this short time of not attending to my regular class, I begin to miss my students. When my classroom topics allow for class discussion, we get to bond more as I make use of real - time examples that hit home among my students.

We get to discuss family, friendship, hobbies, social issues, lifestyles including  crash diets that work.  I guess with three hours of being together a week can make the mood more casual and friendly.

I can only wish that my students have done their reviews, so, they can do better in their major exams. For now, I can only enjoy the free night without academic worries.

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