Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Health Benefits of Cordial Student – Teacher Relationship

Classroom management is unique and relative to a teacher’s skill in handling his or her class. I had tried to be strict but strictness does not suit me. It only drains my energy and discourages me to give my best every class period.

Thus, I cultivate a culture of cordial friendship among my students. Of course, this only happens after we agree on house rules. I never let personal relationship influence how I do the grades.

But, having a friendly relationship brings health benefits too: relaxed mood, reduced stress and positive disposition.

Casual conversations need not to be academic; basically, life's common issues like people, health issues including cleanliness through regular bath habits and salicylic acid face wash  among others, relationship, technology, lifestyles including drinking, recreational activities can be openly discussed and you can never really when fun hits in.

Teaching needs not be dragging. You can have fun while exercising your job.

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